Car2go seattle boundaries

Seattle Arts and Lectures' New Schedule Is Here. Note: As a carsharing company, we're obliged to check the validity of your driver's license every 3 years in Germany, Italy, France and Spain. The regular revalidation is not necessary in Austria and the Netherlands. Car2Go a llows users take one-way trips: You get into a car, drive to your destination, and leave the car in any parking space. (Zipcar requires drivers to return cars to the spot where they picked them up.) Also unlike Zipcar, which charges in 15-minute intervals, and for a minimum of half an hour, Car2Go charges by the minute—38 cents a minute, up to a maximum of $13.99 an hour. And all the cars have on-board GPS—a useful feature that, unfortunately, hadn't been updated to include Seattle when I tried it. And it's clear that at least some of Car2Go's 6,000 or so Seattle members would like to drive further south. The range of a fully charged electric vehicle can go up to 100km (+/- 20km). The range will be displayed in the app and in the car. Please bear in mind that there may be no charging stations outside the Home Area. First, some background on Car2Go: The company, based in Austin, TX, is in aggressive expansion mode, and its cleverly branded Smart for 2 cars can now be found in more than a dozen cities in North America and Europe; Seattle's city council. In the Netherlands, we'll charge the member directly for the fine. With car2go, you can park for free in legal, public street parking, but parking conditions will vary by location. Please check your dedicated city page for complete parking information: car2go credit is an easy and flexible way for you to earn as you go. Each time you do a good deed, you earn credit for it. You can view your credit balance and all earned credit under your account's payment options. Seattle's Marine Transit Evolves as the Population Booms. Looking for something? You'll probably find it here. Type your question in the search bar or filter by category. No alcohol (0.0 parts per thousand)– don't drink and drive! No drugs No smoking No animals without a pet carrier or cage Not more than one passenger in the smart fortwo models Don't remove objects and equipment from the vehicle Don't allow others to drive the car2go you've rented Treat the car2go with care Please report damages in the app or to Customer Support. Can I pay an outstanding amount with a different payment profile after the invoice has been issued?. In Germany, you can fuel at Shell, Esso, and Avia. In Austria, you can fuel at BP, Avanti, OMV, and Agip. Mike Kunnen Gives Seattle a View of the Past. That's the good news. The bad news is that Car2Go doesn't seem to have done its market research. Because while North End neighborhoods like Bitter Lake and Broadview are included in the company's "home area," the entire southern part of the city, including all of West Seattle and Southeast Seattle, is not. (When you drive outside the company's service area, a stern male voice in the dashboard is quick to let you know.). 4. A 3-digit access code will appear in the windshield unit of the car. Enter this access code in your app. Yes. Sometimes you just want to drop by somewhere for a quick errand. To make a stopover, i.e. to park without ending rental, just lock the car2go and take the key with you. The rental only ends if you return the key to the card holder. As long as the rental is running, the minute rate will apply. If a Home Area includes more than one town, it's possible to start your trip in one town and end it in another. For example, in the Stuttgart Home Area, you can start your trip in Böblingen and end it in Esslingen without extra fees. In France: 1. Look for an available Autolib' charging station (green light illuminated on the top of the station). Be careful not to confuse charging stations for parking stations! 2. Lift the lid on the station. For now, though, all I can do is cross my fingers for the day when Car2Go comes to its senses and expands to serve the other half of Seattle. If you are a private customer, reach us at:. Even more bizarrely, the coverage area stops well north of the Mt. Baker light rail station and the Mount Baker transit center, meaning that even if you wanted to integrate Car2Go with transit, you couldn't, without a long walk or an extra transfer. Maximillian Petty's Queen Anne Restaurant, Eden Hill Provisions, Opens This Summer.